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Quality Roofline Products make an affordable investment and
protect your home from costly weather damage.

Used for over two hundred years, felt roofing provides an effective barrier to water, UV rays and the weather. As a highly adaptable, lightweight material, felt can be moulded to fit to smaller structures, like sheds, as well as homes or extensions. And although it’s ideal for use on flat roofs, it can be moulded to fit roofs of any shape. For any new felt roof installations or replacements, Roofline will send out a member of our specialist team to perform it.

Rooflines selection of roofline products are built to withstand the test of time. Any installation from us comes expertly tailored to suit your property’s requirements.

felt roof

Felt Roofs

Ideal for roofs of any shape, although regularly found upon flat roofs, felt roofing protects your home from water and weather damage.

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felt roof edge replacement

Felt Roof Edge Replacement

Have the edges of your felt roof began to tear, fade or warp out of shape? If so, you need our felt roof edge replacement service

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