PVCu Cladding:

‘Cladding’ usually refers to the external covering on your home. Traditionally, planks of timber would be fitted, however PVCu has become increasingly popular as the years have gone by. Offering modern levels of performance, PVCu cladding provides your home with a number of fantastic benefits.


Benefits of PVCu Cladding:

    • As our cladding is constructed from high quality PVCu, you can expect maintenance levels to remain as minimal as possible
    • PVCu is incredibly durable and will not discolour or rot over time
    • External cladding enhances the look of your home’s exterior whilst providing it with excellent protection from the weather and UV rays
    • Roofline offers a bespoke service, allowing us to tailor any cladding to your exact requirements

pvcu cladding

Product Options:
We offer an impressive range of PVCu cladding styles and colours, manufactured to the highest quality by PVCu specialists Swish. Available colours includes: White, Light Oak, Rosewood and Anthracite Grey.

Our installations are covered by a 10 year guarantee for all materials and workmanship.


Shiplap: Boasting a traditional cladding aesthetic, the bottom edges that are visible have been squared off. Intended for use in horizontal installations.


Open V: A modern style of cladding that has a symmetrical V groove between the profiles, making the joints appear bolder. Suitable for horizontal and vertical installations and ideal for use as a soffit board.


TeeGee: With a small V groove between the profiles, TeeGee cladding achieves an almost seamless finish. Can be installed either horizontally or vertically and is ideal for use as a soffit board.


Feather Edge: Following the same design as traditional timber cladding, a rounded bottom edge is present. Suitable for horizontal installations only.


shiplap cladding

Height range: 100mm-605mm

Open V

openv cladding

Height range: 150mm-455mm


teegee cladding

Height range: 150mm-405mm

Feather Edge

featheredge cladding

Height range: 150mm-455mm

Fully Guaranteed

Deposit protection and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Your new PVCu products are virtually maintenance free.

Protect Your Property

Protecting your roofline all year round with high quality PVCu.