PVCu Fascias

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The boards that run along the lower edge of your roof, fascias form a vital part of your roof’s protection. Designed to cover any present roof fittings, they also support the tilework and guttering. During times of considerable rainfall, guttering can wash away several gallons of water per second, meaning fascias need to be robust. They must also be weather resistant. Fortunately, PVCu is a material that possesses both of these qualities.

Available in a variety of colours and styles, PVCu fascias are easy to maintain, meaning they don’t just protect your roof, they help to keep it looking good too. A bespoke installation from Roofline comes tailor-made to your property’s unique requirements, meaning they are suitable for all styles of home.


Fascia Boards

Supporting the roof’s tiles and guttering, they are the long straight boards that run horizontally along the lower edge of your roof.

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Attached to your roof’s gables, bargeboards improve the look of your roof whilst covering any exposed material around those areas.

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box end

Box End Construction

Enclosing the area where the fascias meet the bargeboards, box ends help your roofline to look even better.

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eaves protection system

Eaves Protection System

An eaves protection system helps to allow water to flow into the roof’s guttering, drastically reducing the risk of rot to your roof.

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over fascia ventilation

Over Fascia Ventilation

Fixed to the top of the fascia boards, over fascia ventilation helps to keep the air flowing in and out of your roof space, reducing the build up of condensation.

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